Wines & Vines: New Producers in Anderson Valley

Wines & Vines featured Foursight in an article about new producers and wineries in Anderson Valley. Click here to read it.

Anderson Valley Adds Wineries
By Paul Franson

"...Anderson Valley, Calif. -- Cool Anderson Valley is hot: at least three wineries are being built in the isolated, narrow valley, all with tasting rooms, and another is rumored, while an existing winery is planning a tasting room in tiny Boonville. The three new wineries include a facility for Goldeneye; a winery and cave for Jim Ball Vineyard, and a winery for Foursight Wines.

... Long-time growers Bill and Nancy Charles--together with their daughter Kristy Charles and her fiancé, winemaker Joe Webb--are building a 1,600-square-foot tasting room and winery for their Foursight Wines just southeast of downtown Boonville, on property owned by four generations of the family since 1950. They farm 15 acres of winegrapes, mostly Pinot Noir with a small amount of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon.

Kristy Charles told Wines & Vines that the Foursight tasting room and winery should be completed by May 2009. Next summer, she plans to hold her wedding reception at the site. The winery is being built from lumber reclaimed from the family's Charles Lumber Company site. The roof has also been engineered to support the instal lation of solar panels.

The winery makes small quantities of Pinot Noir from their own vineyards, and Sauvignon Blanc. Its first wines were released in May. This year, Foursight used purchased fruit for the Sauvignon Blanc as most of those grapes have been sold to Navarro. This year, some of the grapes stayed at Foursight.

...Kristy Charles, who also serves as the executive director of the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association, says she sees assistant winemakers and winemakers at custom micro crush facilities like Crushpad establishing brands based on Anderson Valley fruit. She expects some of these eventually to have physical presences in the bucolic valley. ..."