Charles Vineyard


Anderson Valley
Mendocino County, California


11.5 acres Pinot Noir, 3 acres Sauvignon Blanc, 0.3 acres Semillon




Pinot Noir: Pommard, 777, 115, 114
Sauvignon Blanc: 376
Semillon: 316


Established in 2001 by William and Nancy Charles, Charles Vineyard is located just southeast of the town of Boonville and is planted primarily to Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

In our location we can experience daily temperature swings of 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (sometimes more), which adds to the rich flavors and strong acid profile of our grapes. Winters can be very wet, as the annual rainfall in Boonville averages 41.6 inches. Fortunately, our vineyard sits on an ancient river bend, which means our well-drained soils are suited to this annual moisture level. The modern-day version of this ancient river, called Anderson Creek, now borders our property on the east, separating us from the eastern foothills of the valley.

On any given day you can find us in the vineyard, performing one of many tasks that keep our vineyard healthy and producing the best quality fruit possible. We practice what we like to call vine-by-vine viticulture: Spending so much time in the vineyard enables us to know the vines' particular needs and tend them accordingly, from adjusting compost levels to changing pruning techniques. We live on our land, and so farm our vineyard sustainably and responsibly, to ensure that the vineyard, and our family, is healthy and happy for years to come.


Located approximately 115 miles north of San Francisco and 10-15 miles from the ocean, days in Anderson Valley are warm and sunny while nights and mornings are often cool and foggy. This allows wine grapes to mature slowly and develop full varietal character. Winter lows can be in the 20's or 30's while summer highs can reach into the 80's to 100's. The valley floor is 16 miles long and ranges from less than 1/2 mile to about 1-1/2 miles wide. It is surrounded on three sides by rolling hills and low mountains (2,000 to 3,000 feet in elevation) and opens to the Pacific Ocean via the Navarro River canyon.