Wine Review Online on A.V. Pinot

Ed McCarthy wrote about Foursight's Pinots in a Wine Review Online article.

The Pinot Noirs of Anderson Valley

"...Why has Anderson Valley become a hot spot for Pinot Noir?  In one word, climate!  Anderson Valley has the coolest year-round climate of any winegrowing region in California.  Amazingly, temperatures can fall 40 to 50 degrees at night.  This temperature range enables Pinot Noir grapes to retain their acidity throughout the long, warm summer and autumn.  Grapes ripen slowly and develop intense flavors.  The westernmost part of Anderson Valley, closest to the Mendocino Coast, has the coolest climate, and that's where many Pinot Noir vineyards are situated -- close to the majestic, coastal Redwoods.

Classic Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs are characterized by crispness and natural acidity; as a group, they tend to be somewhat leaner in style and exhibit more earthiness than the plusher, fruitier Russian River Valley Pinots from Sonoma. ...

... Foursight Wines, Charles Vineyard, 'All-In' 2007, $46:  A fairly new winery with a nice portfolio of wines.  The 'all-in' name refers to the fact that Foursight has blended in all four Pinot Noir clones grown on its estate.  Its '07 is a pleasant, medium-weight wine that is enjoyable to drink now. ..."