Wine of the Week - Back Country Wines

Back Country Wines featured Foursight as their Wine of the Week. Click here to read the full article.

"...Not many people who live in the Anderson Valley grew up there. And not many people who make Anderson Valley wine actually live there. Kristy Charles is an exception. She is the fourth generation to grow up on her family’s property just outside of the town of Boonville. Her father, Bill, is one of the few remaining speakers of Boontling, a language created in the 1800’s that’s only spoken in Boonville. That’s right, a town with a population of 700 has its own language! ...

...The family believes in making “honest wines,” intervening as little as possible with the natural winemaking process. Foursight will be the first Anderson Valley winery to list ingredients on its wine labels, and among the first in the United States to include a statement for vegetarian and vegan wine drinkers.

They produce a mere 1,000 cases of wine – Pinot Noir, Semillon and Sauvignon, all from their own estate. My favorite wines are the “Zero New Oak” Pinot Noir and Semillon. Their tasting room is dog-friendly and one of the first you’ll see as you enter Boonville from the south. ..."