Vegetarian Times Features Foursight

Vegetarian Times featured Foursight Wines in an article about the Mushroom Festival in Mendocino. Read the story here.

Mushroom Hunting in Magical Mendocino

By Jolia Sidona Allen

"...The first stop on our culinary adventure was Foursight Wines, a family owned and operated vineyard in Anderson Valley that practices under the philosophy that nature is the greatest winemaker, using only wild yeasts that are native to their vineyard site. Inside Foursight's cozy tasting room, we talked with founders Bill and Kristy Charles (father and daughter), who poured us tastes of their wines and fed us tasty marinated mushrooms and mushroom and almond pate prepared by Nancy Charles, Kristy's mom. Kristy explained that Foursight’s wines were entirely vegan, using, when necessary, a veg-friendly fining agent derived from clay rather than fish or gelatin. After our tasting, Kristy led us out back where we plucked a quince from a gigantic bush and picked a few figs to taste right off the tree. ..."