SF Examiner Recommends Foursight as a Fall Getaway

Foursight is a suggested stop during your fall Anderson Valley getaway, says the the Examiner.com. Read the full article here.

Indian Summer Getaway: Anderson Valley

By Melissa McArdle

"...With the arrival of September, Northern California residents begin to shed their layers and soak up the golden warmth of the much anticipated Indian summer through the month of October. It's when San Francisco locals remember why they live here and begin to indulge in beach time, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge for something other than a fog-filled hiking adventure, and travel north knowing they can stick more than just their big toe into the water holes and rivers.

Anderson Valley is at its peak this time of year. With the promise of small winery harvests, breweries, swimming holes, and farm-to-table food, it's easy to understand why the 100-mile drive north is worth every effort. Anderson Valley is far enough away to escape the city madness, yet close enough to home to only need an overnight bag.

Wineries to make sure to carve out a tasting time include Foursight Wines ..."