Foursight in the Aspen Daily News

Foursight is featured in the Aspen Daily News. Read the article here.

"...I stopped in Boonville to visit with Kristy Charles, owner of Foursight Winery. In addition to running the tasting room and helping in the vineyard, Charles also happens to be the president of the Anderson Valley Winergrowers Association, a group dedicated to producing, protecting and promoting the local bounty. She is a fourth-generation farmer and winemaker with knowledge of history, climate and grapegrowing on her side. 

As we chatted about things — from fog to fire, from neutral to new oak — I sipped on some truly luscious wines, all with a cool climate complexity brought on by warm days, long autumns and all with cool, crisp nights where the moon meets the ocean.

...Charles talks with ease when discussing the winery’s oaking regimen: Some of the wines have 50 percent new oak on them, while some have 40 (a formulation of 12 percent new with the rest in last year’s used barrels). She adds that more oaking suits a Pommard clone because it has larger berries and therefore a higher ratio of juice-to-skin, thus less natural tannins.

...With this approach, each release, blend or varietal is allowed to shine — transparent like the pinot noir wine, like it is supposed to be. To reveal what is lit by the afternoon sun, and hidden in the exotic, foggy dreamworld of poetry. An essential wine-blissed insanity. ..."