Forbes Names Foursight Pinot Noir Top 12 of 2016

Nick Passmore of Forbes has named our 2007 Charles Vineyard Pinot Noir one of his top 12 wines of 2016!

He wrote: "...Perhaps this column should more accurately be titled the ten most enjoyable wines of 2016 because this isn’t a list of the twelve most prestigious, or twelve most technically accomplished wines, and certainly not the twelve wines that came out top in an elaborate, multi-question, MW-type analysis system. No, they are just twelve wines that made me go WOW! And then WOW! again as I drank, and contemplated and savored.

They all had one thing in common, though: each achieved what for me is the nirvana of wine enjoyment. They sparked my intellectual curiosity - made me think - as well as delivering visceral pleasure by the magnum-load. ...

... Foursight Pinot Noir, Charles Vineyard 2007

Anderson Valley, California,

Miracle of Pinot winemaking. Fully mature, the youthful, exuberantly bright fruit of younger vintages has here rounded and mellowed into a finely balanced beauty. Shows how cool-climate Anderson Valley is capable of producing focused, precise Pinots with grip and depth. ..."