Celebration Traveler Visits Foursight

Foursight was featured in Celebration Traveler. Read the full story here.

Boonville Bouquet

by Donna Peck

"...Approaching the Foursight tasting room, we witnessed such a scene. Dexter, a black-and-white McNab Shepard, bounded out to greet us. We were immediately included in the conversation. The owner’s daughter, Kristy Charles, poured Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Pinot Noir, all from the family vineyard across the lane.The complexity of the wines confirmed that the vines are meticulously cared for.

Gesturing with a full glass of Pinot Noir, Bill Charles recounted the family’s story. His parents ran a mill during the lumber boom. In the rowdy 1950s, fights broke out nightly at the Bucket of Blood  bar, so named by the locals in the colorful Boontling language. When the mill closed, the Charles family took up agriculture. Now it would take millions to get into the business. Dexter wagged his tail. ..."