2013 Paraboll Pinot Noir   

Our Paraboll is rich, toasty and smooth. It was crafted using the same methods as our other Pinot Noirs, but employing a different ripening schedule and barrel regimen.

"Para" is an art term for a deep, cherry-red color and “Boll” or “Bahl” means of excellent quality in Boontling. Put together, this Pinot Noir is a “great red,” sourced from our estate grapes in the heart of Boontling country. We make this wine in homage to the Londer family, where it originates (and with whom our winemaker, Joe Webb, worked for seven years) and to our local language, Boontling.

This wine was given additional hang time before harvest for a darker fruit profile, then aged in 50% new French oak for 11 months with heavy and medium-plus toast barrels.