Winemaker Joe's Bloody Mary

A good Bloody Mary is an essential part of our day-after-the-party recovery strategy! We like to keep it simple by using a store-bought mix and add a small amount of HCWT Marinade to make an easy morning cocktail. Mix the below together to prepare two glasses.


Bloody Mary mix - count to 12 while pouring

Vodka- count to 6 while pouring

2 TBSP HCWT Marinade (available at the tasting room or via our website)

Pickle juice - healthy splash

Lemon juice- squeeze a quarter wedge to taste

Fresh ground black pepper

Crushed iced

Old Bay Seasoning - trace the glass rim or sprinkle into the juice

Optional: add to the juice or spear olives, pickled garlic, whole pickles, celery, cooked shrimp, cooked bacon, wild fennel seed

Photo credit: Courtney DeGraff