2015 Paraboll Pinot Noir   

The Paraboll Pinot Noir is the biggest and richest that we produce. It is ripened an additional 10-12 days on the vine and aged in a portion of heavy toast oak.

“Para” is an art term for a deep, cherry-red color and “Boll” or “Bahl” means of excellent quality in Boontling. Put together, this Pinot Noir is a “great red,” sourced from our estate grapes in the heart of Boontling country.

Our Paraboll was crafted with the same care and personal attention as our other Pinots, but employing a differ-ent ripening schedule and barrel regimen. This wine was given additional hang time before harvest for a darker fruit profile, then aged in 66.6% new French oak for 11 months with heavy and medium-plus toast barrels.


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