Foursight High Class, White Trash BBQ

Date: 11 AUG 18
Time: 3-7ish

Get ready for what is going to arguably be our very best event yet! This August we are bringing you the High Class, White Trash event. Inspired by all of the amazing cultural things that we love in our life that feel a bit country red neck. Think wife beaters, homemade bbq sauce for our beloved tri-trips,  HUGE wheels and intentional lifts that we add to our jeeps for off-roading adventures, country and classic rock music, maybe even a Slip and Slide (or two). We do not have it all planned yet, but know that this is going to easily be our most favorite event of the year (or decade perhaps)!

Save the date- shoot us an email if you are interested and we will make sure you know when tickets are available. Book a place for the night/weekend if able as this event is going to run later than normal!

Get 'er done!!!!!!